Hot Fix transfer Tape

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Hot Fix transfer Tape
Hot Fix transfer Tape

12.5 inches in width. Order desired length. 5, 10 or 15 yard rolls.


Acrylic Rhinestone transfer tape is medium in weight and easier to use when creating your own rhinestone transfers.

This material is used to keep your rhinestone design in place prior to pressing/ironing to your item.

The transfer tape has a white backing, You peel this way from the clear top layer and put to the side. The back side of the clear tape is sticky and you apply that to your design (If using Flock template material) and gently lift up to make sure all stones are attached to the sticky side of the tape.(Rhinestone Glue side down) See listing photos

Place the sticky tape on your item (rhinestone glue side down towards clothing, then heat press or iron. Apply direct pressure on top of the transfer tape, if you have a silicone sheet or Parchment paper you can put this between the iron and transfer tape. The heat then melts the glue on the back of the rhinestones & adheres to your clothing item. Once cooled gently pull back the sticky tape and ensure stones are attached then discard transfer tape.

You are ready to wear your item once cooled.