SS10 (3mm) Crystal

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SS10 (3mm) Crystal
Quality Korean Rhinestones. Excellent glue, super sparkly and will give your apparel the sparkle you desire.

1. Select Quantity in Gross

1 Gross is 144 stones and is sold in quantities listed below.

10 Gross = 1,440 stones
25 Gross = 3,600 stones
50 Gross = 7,200 stones
125 Gross = 18,000 stones
250 Gross = 36,000 stones

♥ Application of stones♥

*Heatpress-330 degress 15-20 seconds for apparel OR

*Home Iron Cotton setting no steam. Apply steady pressure to one area of logo moving slowy and repeating to a different part of your design. Make sure design doesnt move.

*e6000 Craft adhesive Glue- For use with shoes ect (Items you cannot use a heat press or iron on.

♥ Diameter of stones guidelines♥

Diameter for the following sizes Stones
SS06: 1.9 - 2.0MM
SS10: 2.7 - 2.9MM
SS16: 3.8 - 4MM

Please note that you may always want to add .1 - .2MM when making the templates using sticky or Magic Flock

SS06 would be 2.2MM,

SS10 would be 3.2MM

SS16 would be 4.2MM

this helps with brushing in the stones

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